What are App Names and Bundle IDs?

App names and bundle IDs are required to monetize your CTV/OTT apps. Advertisers identify your inventory through app names and bundle IDs. CTV/OTT apps are programmed the same way as mobile apps and desktop computer apps. The use of bundle IDs was first made popular by Apple for apps in their ecosystem. Now it is used across the board on all platforms. App names are very straightforward – the title of your app with no spaces. Bundle IDs are unique identifiers for your specific app. They are chosen by the developer and are usually structured like this: com.company_name.app_name. If you have apps across multiple platforms, it is useful to identify the platform as well: com.platform.company_name.app_name. For example if Barons Media created an app call CTV Insider on iOS (or tvOS), the app name would be CTVInsider and the bundle ID would be com.ios.baronsmedia.ctvinsider. The bundle ID alone gives a lot of information about your particular app. Both the app name and bundle ID can be passed dynamically to ad tags from within your app if it is not on Roku.

Roku is the only platform that labels CTV/OTT apps as channels. As a result Roku channels don’t really have official app names and bundle IDs. Since these values are necessary for advertising, Roku channels need to mimic app names and bundle IDs. There is no official standard on how this is done but the best policy is to make them as descriptive and representative of your Roku channel as possible. The app name should be the title of your Roku channel preferably with no spaces. The bundle ID should identify the Roku platform and the app name. The CTV Insider channel on Roku would have CTVInsider as the app name and com.roku.ctvinsider as the bundle ID. Company name is optional. These values are hardcoded into the ad tag itself.

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