Roku Advertising Macros

Here is a link to the Roku Ad Framework URL Parameter Macros:

Some of these dynamic values are essential for advertising. The important ones to pay attention to are:

ROKU_ADS_LIMIT_TRACKING: This value communicates back to ad servers whether a particular user has opted in to be tracked or not. It is required by law to abide by the user’s settings. Values yield are either 1 for true (they don’t agree to be tracked) or 0 for false (they agree to be tracked).

ROKU_ADS_TRACKING_ID: This is an unique ID for the specific device from which content is being consumed. Advertisers have a database of these device IDs to identify certain users so that they can target their viewership for specific ad campaigns. It goes hand in hand with ROKU_ADS_LIMIT_TRACKING and is only sent when the user has consented to being tracked. Roku also calls this the RIDA or Roku ID for Advertising.

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