How to Build Brand Awareness Through Connected TV

One of the fastest ways to keep users coming to your Roku channel is building BRAND LOYALTY. Everyone wants to be the next Oprah or Chip and Joanna Gains from the show Fixer Upper on HGTV and here’s how you can do it.

You have to become the “expert” in your field, with your own TV channel or TV show. You’ve got to build loyalty by keeping viewers coming back. Some ways channel owners are doing that is by providing fresh, new content every day or week. Your channel becomes another line of communication directly between you and your customers. It serves the same purpose as a mailing list, but is way more intimate using Roku, or another OTT platform, enabling you to reach your customers at a time when they’re more relaxed. Think about it, your users are sitting on a couch, watching TV and open to new ideas. You bring yourself or the content you’re sharing into their homes. There’s no better platform.

At the same time you’re reaching your existing customer base, you’re reaching a completely new and growing market that you’re not otherwise reaching anywhere else, online or off. Your Roku channel is accessible by millions of viewers nationally and worldwide. It’s built-in, free marketing gravy. Even a website doesn’t have this kind of reach — there’s too much competition between websites for top search results. On Roku and Connected TV platforms, however, there’s a good chance no one has a similar channel, or there’s only a small handful of competing channels. Your channel doesn’t get LOST on Roku like your website does on the web, or your videos do on YouTube.

But with that said, still having a website will ONLY enhance the brand loyalty you’re trying to create. Users can easily access your website. The website should have the same content as your Roku channel. Furthermore, your website should be a forum for your users to interact with questions and concerns. Utilizing the website to communicate with your users is extremely necessary and a great tool for your overall brand awareness goal. Not to mention you can also generate revenue with your videos on your website. Now you have multiple revenue streams coming in.

Social media should also be part of your overall strategy for brand awareness. Social media allows you to keep in touch with the throngs of users while providing them updates on your shows and channel updates. One simple way to create loyalty to your social media page is by letting users know about the latest shows you’re loading this week. You’re training your users to go back to your channel if for nothing else to check in.

Brand awareness is not complicated but don’t take it for granted. It’s hard work to build a channel so make it easy on yourself and utilize all the available low cost options to maximize brand awareness.

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