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    We have a channel on Roku that has been monitized and has ad placements through barons and Roku however when we watch some of the programs we don’t see any ads on there why is this.

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    There’s multiple reasons for your issue. The biggest reason for a poor fill rate might have to do with the amount of Ratings you have on your ROKU channel. If you have under 100 Ratings your fill rate would tend to be low as advertisers are looking for channels with viewers. The good news is you can get your Ratings above 100 and you can expect a jump in ads from both Barons and ROKU. Other possible reasons for a poor fill rate might have to do with your content. Are you updating your content on a daily / weekly basis. Are you letting your users on social media know about your updated programming. Building a channel is one thing but you need to get those eyeballs to your channel and the revenue will come that’s for sure.

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    Thanks for the reply Jimmy. It helps explain what’s going on.

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