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    Once the channel is built your challenge begins. We get many questions related to how to marketing of their channels so we put together a few things to get started. Hopefully users will be able to add to this list of easy ways to promote there CTV channels.
    * Social Media = Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat etc…these platforms will allow you to promote your channel and update users on your channel.
    * Updating Social Media users = Once you get users attention about your channel its imperative to keep them posted as to the latest channel updates
    * Video Commercials = Use short 15 second commercials on your social media pages to promote your CTV channel.
    * Hash Tags = Utilize hash tags to get more users.
    * Family and Friends = Get your family and friends to check out your channel and get them to give your channel a 5 star rating.
    * Ratings Matter = Although it won’t help getting users to your channel getting ratings will help you with your ad revenue. The more ratings you get the more revenue you will be able to generate.
    * Buying users: Yes, you can buy users on many different platforms including ROKU, Social Media platforms, Search and more. You want to make sure you’re buying users that have ROKU and will use your APP.

    I’ll be adding more and more ways to market your channel so please come back and check it out. We want everyone to have the same success we’re having with our channels.

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